Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Card Design: FBD By the Sea/Summer Challenge Reminder

Happy Hump Day everyone!  I've got some freshly brewed inspiration to serve up to you today as I'm here with a reminder about the latest challenge going on over at Fresh Brewed Designs.  Right now we are halfway through our By the Sea / Summer Challenge which means you have one more week to get your entries in.

  1. This challenge ends Tuesday, August 5th.
  2. You can enter up to 5 times with your NEW creations (no back linking please).
  3. One winner will be chosen by random draw to receive 3 digis of their choice.
  4. Anyone who uses an FBD image for any of the JULY challenges will have the opportunity to win some yummy blog candy! Just put FBD after your name and make sure you tell us about it in your post!  Check out what you could win, simply for using an FBD image.  Pretty good incentive, I'd say...
(BLOG CANDY FOR USA RESIDENTS ONLY! If you win the blog candy and you live outside of the USA, you will be given a digital stamp gift card for the same value of the candy.  However, IF you would like to pay shipping to receive the blog candy, Heather is willing to do that too. Unfortunately, she just can't afford to pay shipping outside of the USA at this time. Thank you so much for your understanding.)
For all the challenge details including the link up, please click HERE or on the badge above.

Here is a card that I have created to help inspire you...

General information:
  • Okay, so it is apparent that this card needs an explanation.  While hobbling around is my given 'go-to' considering my physical circumstances (it is difficult for me to walk unaided), these past two years it has been even worse as I hadn't been able to afford to see my chiropodist.  I've been relying on the same pair of insoles for over five years and let's just say that they are basically in tatters.  It is difficult to explain but the bone in the heel of my foot is trying to come out the bottom of my foot.  Well, I suppose not literally, but it is much lower than it should be (I told you this was difficult to explain).  Therefore, if I walk around without my special insoles for more than an hour or two, I am in significantly more pain.  So, it was time to give in and go see the foot doctor and I went a couple weeks ago to get moulded for a new set of insoles.  Now our chiropodist is the most wonderful, down to earth person and I just love her to pieces.  She is always so kind and goes out of her way to make sure that I am comfortable throughout the entire process.  Thus, I thought that it would be a nice gesture to bring a card in when I pick up my insoles next week.  I hope she likes it!
  • How it fits into the summer time theme is that the background of the card has a bit of a boardwalk feel, the flip flops are of course summer footwear and my sentiment on the inside is summer related.  So I managed to put together a summery card for a unique occasion.

Digital Image Details: 
  • Summer Flip Flops:  The main image on the front is the flowered set of flip flops.  Heather offers two different images in this set all for the low price of $3.00.  The set is currently available in the FBD store.  You can find it by clicking on the image name or watermark below.
    • The image was coloured in with a combination of digital painting and with Copic Markers.  
      • The embossed paper piecing for the base of the flip flops was done with a paper I created using an overlay from Marisa Lerin.  This template was purchased at Pixel Scrapper. I then shaded it digitally to give it some depth.
      • The remaining elements were coloured with a variety of Copic Markers. 
      • Here is a close up showing you the texture in the flip flops...
    • I made extra copies of the flowers in a couple different sizes so that I could fussy cut them and build them up with some pop dots to give the image some dimensionality.  Here is a closer look from the side.  I also popped up the base too for some extra depth.
Digital Sentiment: 
  • One I created.  I layered it right on to the background before printing.
Digital Embellishments and Other Digital Credits: 
  • Layer style used to achieve card background (front and inside):  DigiTee Designs By Sheila Reid.
  • The cool triangular shape overlay is from Janet Scott, picked up over at Pixel Scrapper.
  • The shadow on the triangular shape overlay is from Sheila Reid as well.  Only this one was purchased at Pixel Scrapper.
Digital Sentiment:
  • Once again, just something I created specifically for this card.
  • The feet stickers are Recollections brand and were purchased at Michaels.

Paper Products: 
  • Card, image and sentiment base:  Michael's Recollection's Cardstock, white.
  • The yellow cardstock used for matting is Michael's open stock scrapbook paper. 
Challenges I hope to enter...
***Please note if anyone has a hard time understanding the connection to summer, please read the last point in my 'general info' section up at the top of this post.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  I hope you have the chance to go and check out the Flip Flop images I used, along with all the other great images available in the store.  I also hope you get the chance to enter our current challenge.  

If you are looking for more fresh brewed inspiration, I'll be back in a couple weeks to showcase a card made with one of the fantastic new releases Heather has planned for August.  It is a rather unique image that I have fallen for.  So, I hope you'll come back and check out the great new images at that time.

At Fresh Brewed Designs we always have a fresh pot of creativity brewing. So stop by and join us for a cuppa whenever you want!

 Until next time,

Monday, July 21, 2014

Motivational Monday & PoP Midway Reminder: Dreams

If you are new to my blog and would like to know why I started Motivational Monday, please go HERE.
Hello and a very good Monday to you all.  Thanks for popping over and sharing your precious time with me.  This will be another packed post as I'll be sharing this month's Motivational Monday passage along with a creation that I had a chance to complete.  Additionally, you'll also find a couple freebies at the bottom of the post.  The reflection, my project and one of the freebies can also be found over on my Path of Positivity challenge blog as part of the midway post where the theme this month is DREAMSOn with today's thoughts... 

There is Beauty in the Unknown...

For the last couple of weeks, I've been mulling over some ideas about what I wanted to say on the topic of dreams this month but nothing really definite inspired me. Then Saturday, I visited one of our wonderful challenge supporters, Donna Ellis, affectionately known by many as de. After reading her own observations on the topic of dreams (located HERE), I knew exactly the approach I wanted to take with today's reflection.

Many of us can become bogged down by unfulfilled dreams. I know that I have. Sadly in my case, it wasn't just one or two. I have had many dreams that have been unfulfilled but it doesn't mean that I've given up on the idea of them. The key is that just like in every aspect of life, you must pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep moving. When it comes to dreams, it merely means a course correction.

Maybe the dreams that we carry in our heart, aren't meant to be our reality. It is possible that our higher power and/or the universe have decreed that we are destined for something else completely. I saw myself surrounded by children, and later, grandchildren. When that dream fell through, I concentrated on my career. I saw myself fulfilling my goals of finishing my degree, spending my working hours developing curriculum and teaching learning strategies to individuals with learning disabilities. That dream was ripped from me as well. My dream of being financially secure? Bye, bye. Then in 2002, I became disabled. So many more dreams were crushed and left to the wayside and for a very long time. It felt like obstacles were being erected all around me to prevent me from ever fulfilling ANY dream.

Donna stated in her passage about dreams, that "instead of viewing stumbling blocks as obstacles, those "blocks" may actually be BUILDING blocks to bring us to a different place, fulfilling an "UNKNOWN DREAM" which has always resided in our hearts." Well, I couldn't agree more! Our hearts and minds are vast and we may have many burgeoning dreams and desires that have yet to be discovered. Donna went on to state, "I would not have discovered the wide world of Beauty found in our Internet Community, had I not become critically ill, and home-bound". Apparently, Donna and I share this in common as well.

Had my life not changed dramatically, I would still have been out in the workforce. Had I been spending the majority of my day outside the home, I would never have had the need to find something satisfying to fill up so much of my spare time with. Had I not discovered the world of card-making, I too would never have discovered the love and acceptance of this beautiful on-line community. Now I have new dreams, very different dreams. Some of them are well on their way to fulfilment, others need to be nourished and grown a little bit longer before they take root.

The point is, is that sometimes it is necessary to stand back and re-evaluate the dreams that each of us once had. Maybe we are destined for a different path than the one we anticipated. The key is that we never give up. We must continue to change and adapt to our ever altering circumstances. There is a quote by Alice Sebold that states, "Sometimes the dreams that come true are the ones you never knew you had." Take comfort in the unknown, for those dreams may turn out to be the best ones yet. 
Next up, is the scrapbooking page I made using items from this month's guest sponsor Scribble and Scrap.

Digital Image Details:
  • Steampunk Key and Steampunk Keyhole:  Aren't these images cool?!  I was lucky enough to pick up both these images, along with many others in a win over on the Scribble and Scrap Challenge Blog.   Clicking on the watermark below will take you to its page in the digi section of the store in the Vintage Steampunk section. Lexie is busy working on the store right now, so I was unable to grab a watermark and link for the keyhole.  If you are interested in it, please be sure to contact her.!/~/product/category=6514820&id=27430173
Digital Sentiment:
  • One I created for this page.  Hopefully, I will get a chance to offer it up as a freebie if there is any interest in it.
Digital Embellishments:
  • I have used a number of different digital embellishments all of them picked up over at Pixel Scrapper.  Credits include:
    • Bow and fabric covered button--Marisa Lerin.
    • Ornate corners:  Sheila Reid.
    • Ornate gemstones:  Janet Scott.
 Digital Paper:
  • The digital paper is from the Grungy Florals - Naturals collection also available in the Scribble and Scrap store. Clicking on the watermark below will take you to its page in the digital paper section of the store.!/~/product/category=8603466&id=33745264
Challenges I am hoping to enter: 
Finally, that brings me to a couple of freebies.  The first was offered up at the challenge start and the second was just offered up today for the midway...

© 2014 
Font Information:
© 2014
Font Information:
Please be sure to click on the images to bring them up into the lightbox in their proper size before saving them.  Click on the font name to take you to a download location.  All these fonts were listed as free for commercial use at the time each of these project were made, and as such, it is my understanding, that I am within my rights to use these fonts in my creations and offer them to others.  Please refer to my full terms of service for what you can and cannot do with these digital creations.
You will notice that the sentiments may appear huge depending on what software program you download them into.  You can always reduce the size without distorting the overall look.
Credit Notes For These Creations:
© Lisa L. Décosse. PUO. However, you are allowed to use the sentiments on handmade projects that you intend to sell on a small scale basis provided credit is given. You also need to include a credit note and a link to this blog should you use any of my images in your creations and post them on your blog. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with my full terms of use found in the 'Download Instructions & T.O.U.' tab at the top of this page. Of important note:  Please do not share my images with family, friends, etc. Additionally, do not post any images to file sharing services like Box®, 4-Shared®, etc. Instead, please direct people to my blog(s) so they can grab the image for themselves. If you would like to post a watermarked version of the image, please contact me to obtain one.
I invite you to go and check out, not only, the wonderful creations some members of my Design Team had the opportunity to create over on the Path of Positivity (click HERE for the midway) but also some of the great entries into this month's challenge (click HERE for the challenge).  I also invite you to come over and enter a project yourself, if you haven't already.  We could all use a little inspiration to keep dreaming.  Why not create a card that helps to deliver some positivity to someone special in your life.  

Well, that is it for today!  Have a great week ahead everyone! 

Until next time,

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Card Design: Two Challenges -- One Card...FTHS & Sami Stamps

Once again I've decided to combine challenges with one creation.  I've used the stamp that I got in the From The Heart Stamps (FTHS) progressive challenge to create the front of my card and then took a freebie I got from Sami Stamps and used it on the inside of my card.

Thanks to this months image from FTHS, I've got a new card to add to the Christmas Card Pot.  Slowly it is climbing up there! 
Christmas Card Count to date: 15

First up for the FRONT OF THE CARD--From the Heart Stamps... Progressive Challenge for July
It is time to post my project for the July, From the Heart Stamps progressive stamp of the month challenge.  In order to enter the progressive challenge, you must either have received the latest image by having participated in the previous month or you can buy the stamp for the current month's challenge.  Everyone who enters and follows the rules is a winner because you automatically get the stamp for the next month's challenge.  Stop by the site and check out the rules for yourself.  While you are there, have a look around.  They have some really great images.

Here is the front of my card...

Digital Image Details:
  • The image on the front,Winter Friends, is available for purchase over at From the Heart Stamps.  Click HERE or on the watermarks below to go to its location in the store. It was coloured in with Copic Markers and grounded with chalk.  I've also used a little glitter glue on the snowflakes.
  • The ribbon is Crafts brand and was purchased at Dollarama.
  • The snowflakes were purchased at Michaels.  

Now for the INSIDE OF THE CARD with Sami Stamps...
Sami Stamps is another company that I love.  Unfortunately, my regular monthly work keeps me so busy I don't have a chance to play in their challenges as often as I would like.  However, I was lucky this month that I had the perfect image on hand to add to the inside of this card.

Be sure to stop by Sami Stamps.  Click HERE for the store, and HERE for the blog.  Sami has the most beautiful images and each month offers up a new freebie.  There is also a monthly challenge and great inspiration from the design team.  You won't be disappointed.

Here is what I came up with for the inside of my card...  

Digital Image Details: 
  • Birdie Hearts:  This is such a sweet image.  While I was lucky enough to get it as a freebie, it is now available in the shop for purchase over at Sami StampsClicking on the watermark below will take you to its page in the store in the Love and Romance section.
Digital Sentiment:
  • One I created for this card to specifically fit in with the image.    ______________________________________________________
Paper Products:
  • Card, image and sentiment base: Michael's Recollection's Cardstock, white.
  • The polka dotted paper on the front and inside is from the Recollection's Signature Festivus paper pad.
  • Solid green (matting) -- Michael's open stock scrapbook paper. 
Others I might get it into... 
Thanks for popping by everyone! I can't believe we're already past the midway point in July.  My goodness!  I hope that you all enjoy the remainder of your weekend.  Mine will be filled with....what else.... crafting work!  Now if somehow, I could only get paid for it... ;)
Until next time,

Friday, July 18, 2014

Promotional Post: July New Releases Over at Fresh Brewed Designs

In case you missed it, Monday, July 14th, saw the release of a whole new line of images. If you haven't seen them yet, you are going to go bananas over these cute little critters!

Let's check them out...
First, let's meet Betsy.  Today is a pretty special day for Betsy.  It is her birthday!  Betsy thinks that she is just going to spend the day with one of her friends and then hang out for a bit with the rest of the group at their local haunt, Banana Rama.  However, her friends have planned a birthday party for her.  Looks like Betsy is in for quite the surprise.  Literally!

This is Bubbles.  Bubbles happens to be Betsy's best friend and she is responsible for getting Betsy to the party on time.  She has a full day of activities planned to keep Betsy occupied.  First up, Bubbles is taking Betsy over to the Funky Monkey Grooming Salon for some grooming and pampering.   After that, they are headed to the theatre to see a matinée of the new, recently released Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie.  Apparently both Betsy and Bubbles have a crush on Caesar and have been anxiously waiting to see him is this latest sequel.   The final stop before the surprise party will be a quick shopping trip to their favourite clothing store Banana Republic, so that Bubbles can buy an nice new dress for Betsy to wear that evening.  Bubbles usually buys Betsy a gift each year so it shouldn't raise Betsy's suspicions that anything is up other than meeting the gang for dinner.

How many restaurants do you know of, that have live banana trees growing inside for their patrons?  Well, I know of only one.  It is called Banana Rama and it is THE spot for all the local chimps, apes, orangutans and other hip primates in the area.   Banana Rama has a special room that can be reserved for small parties and this is where the remaining members of the group are currently waiting.  It is time to meet them.

This is Louie.  Louie is the one in charge of getting everything set up over at Banana Rama.  He has been friends with Bubbles and Betsy for years and always has a good time when he hangs out with them.  However, lately he has been itching to spend a bit more time specifically with Betsy.  You see, he has a bit of a crush on her and plans on asking her out at the end of the party.  We'll just have to keep our eyes on those two and see if anything develops between them.   For right now though, he still has a bit of setting up to do, so we'll let him get on with it.

Finally, it is time to meet Clyde.  Clyde is psyched that the party is at Banana Rama since it happens to be his favourite restaurant. It has an all-you-can-eat buffet and as you can see, he is already indulging.  Clyde is one of those primates who just loves to hang out and have fun.  Hopefully, he won't get into too much trouble tonight.

Since Louie is responsible for organizing the party he is also in charge of the menu and currently he is sampling one of the wonderful chocolate-chip banana cupcakes that are a speciality of Banana Rama.  It is important for him to make sure that the food is of the highest quality to ensure that everyone has a wonderful experience.  It is almost time for Bubbles to bring Betsy in, so Louie needs to finish everything up quickly to prepare for their arrival.

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!  It looks like the surprise came off without a hitch.  Betsy was thrilled that all of her friends thought so highly of her to plan something so special.  It will definitely be a day and night she never forgets.  Louie caught a really great picture of her blowing out the candles on her birthday cake.

After several hours of monkeying around, the party is finally wrapping up.  Of course Clyde couldn't help himself to one last treat atop the banana tree.  The day turned out fabulous and everyone had a great time.  It will be fun to see what these guys have planned for us next!

The following day...

Oooh, it looks like Louie finally got up the nerve to ask Betsy out.  Just look at the two of them enjoying that banana split milkshake.  One desert, two straws...the start of a budding love.  I can't wait to see how this relationship develops!  I can just see it...a sweet courtship followed by a circus themed wedding, and little baby monkeys down the road...ahhhhhhh...yes, I tend to be bit of a romantic.  Whether these events take place or not, I wish Louie and Betsy all the best.

Each of the above images would be great for so many different types of occasions.  You are only limited by your imagination.  Heather has also created a collection of phrases to pair up with these precious new images...
Be sure to go and check all of the new monkey related images available in the Fresh Brewed Designs store by clicking HERE

Well, that is it for this one.   I hope that you all have a great weekend ahead!

At Fresh Brewed Designs we always have a fresh pot of creativity brewing. So stop by and join us for a cuppa whenever you want!

Until next time,